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26 Lockers for the Port Melbourne Uniting Church Kindergarten..jpg
Huge locker room project completed successfully for Port Melbourne Uniting Church Kindergarten under the direction of Justin Gates 

Community Projects 

Over the years we have completed a myriad of projects for the local community. 

We are very proud of the role we have in the community and the enormous satisfaction we get from handing over the project. 


Any member can take part in the building of the project no matter what their skill level as there is always someone to supervise and assist. 

Here are just a very small sample of our projects since 2012.

Toy Library.jpg


Toys for local Toy Library

Michael Zeeng (L)  with the President Nick of the Toy Library delivering a purpose built hanging system.  The Shed has done a lot of work over the years building shelves, building and repairing toys.


Tool Carrier for Sea Scouts

We are very proud to support the local youth groups in their various pursuits.  Here are Rod Hall (L) and Don Laird with one of the many Tool Carriers built at the Shed for the Sea Scouts

tool carrier for 1st Albert Park Sea Scouts.jpg
Chris Sargood Park Vic.jpg


Tables for Parks Victoria

Chris Sargood (R)  with the Wilson's Promontory light house keepers on presentation of tables made at the Shed from recycled wood taken from the lighthouse.  The tables are now to be found in the lighthouse keeper's cottage.


Christmas Trees 

At the shed we spend the greater part of the year building these trees from recycled wood and in various sizes.  Here you see Tony Donahue inspecting the finished products before they are taken to the South Melbourne

Market stall just before Christmas.  Its a good project for members to fill in time gaps and acquire new skills.

Rats of Tobruk display cases.jpeg


Display cases -
Rats of Tobruk 

This project was to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the siege by the much vaunted Rats of Tobruk.  Two teams worked in tandem under the leadership of Chris Sargood.  Carcass Team: Peter King and Dermot Avon. Lid Team: Steve Shoup and Daniel Butler. Design by Chris Sargood and Rod Hall.   Well done on completing just in time  during the COVID lockdowns.  


Rain Garden -
St Kilda Primary

This rain garden (captures rain to self water plants) has been built under the direction of one of our founding members Bob Small.  It is on its way to St Kilda Primary School

rain garden st kilda primary.jpg


Marimba -
Port Phillip Special School 

Roger Joyce (far right) has been amazing and rock solid supervising the building of several Marimbas for local schools.  Here he is with Rod Hall (far left) presenting a finished Marimba to three of the students at the school. The students love it!


Play Kitchen-
Clarendon St Child Care

This kitchen in the making with almost all recycled materials.   From L.  Daniel Butler, Michael Zeeng and David Radtke.

PPMS-Project-Apr22-1 (1).jpg


Picture Framing Workshop 

From time to time we hold workshop where members and the public are invited to participate.  On the left you see Roger Joyce with his finished frame and below are participants diligently working on their picture frames.  We have also held workshops on jewellery making and lead lights.   



Bee Keeping

The idea of beekeeping crystallised when one of members serendipitously came across a hive of bees from his neighbour that had to be relocated. 

The original intention was to locate the hives on rooftops of government buildings within our catchment area. This will provide sustainable gardening practices and improve the biodiversity of the bee population within the community.

The honey bee population has suffered greatly in recent years. This beekeeping project in turn will help to improve our food security and strengthen community ties with the environment and local food production.

Many crops and flowers benefit from bee pollination resulting in increased yield and better quality produce.


We began with a Beekeeping Starter Kit (which included a hive and tools) and located it on the rooftop of a government building. The hive thrived and an extension kit was purchased. Since then the hive has been relocated too the native plant nursery in Port Melbourne and doing exceptionally well.

The photos show the Beehive, frame full of bees, inspection of frame to ensure bees are healthy and beeswax which was rendered from the hive and will be used for tool preservation.

We thank again Port Phillip Rotary for their generous support.

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