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Our Facilities

Three Wonderful Work Spaces

Through the hard work of some of our committee members (past and present) and the generous support of the South Port Uniting Church we have three wonderful workspaces at the Shed.

Everyone is welcome to visit our Shed so either drop in for a chat or fill in the contact form to arrange a time.  



We have a well organised array of tools together with equipment to enable our members to take on tasks that range from simple to quite advanced. 


Our range of equipment includes a table saw, thicknesser, wood-lathe, drill press and belt sander.   



We have a small but well equipped metalwork facility complete with turning, milling and metal cutting machines.


We also have electric arc (MIG & TIG) welding equipment. Anyone care to learn welding? 


Gardening anyone!

Built by volunteer members, our garden beds were made primarily using reclaimed railway-timber and recycled materials.

We have a mix of vegie garden staples and local bush tucker plants like Warragul Greens and saltbush.

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