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Shed Projects

Projects are an important focus at our Shed. 

You are free to work on your own project or assist with a community project.  We have supervisors who are always on the spot to help with your project or direct you on the community project.  Some projects are big so a small project team is formed and work together to complete the project on time. 

Community Projects 

We always  have several  and varied projects we are completing for the local community.   It might be repairing a chair, building possum boxes or creating educational toys for the local school.   No matter what level of expertise you have there will always be something for you to do as a member of the shed.   While helping on community projects is not mandatory its a good way to get to know others and to learn new skils

Bench for Clarendon Street Child Care Centre.jpg
AB Picture Frames Reclained timber_edited.jpg

Many members have completed their own projects at the Shed.  Building picture frames, a rocking horse for grandchildren and countless others.  Doing your own project gives you the full use of all equipment at the Shed (subject to being certified) and the invaluable resource of assistance should it be required.  

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