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Why a Men's Shed 

The modern Men’s Shed is an updated version of the shed in the backyard that has long been a part of Australian culture. 


If you look inside our shed you might see a number of men restoring furniture, perhaps making educational toys for a local school, maybe making possum traps or repairing a gate for a local resident.

 You might also see a few young men working with the older men learning new skills and maybe also learning something about life from the men they work with. You will see tea-bags, coffee cups and a comfortable area where men can sit and talk. You will also see an area where men sit around on a Saturday and share a meal prepared by one of our members. 

So what is so special about the modern Men’s Shed?


Most men like being busy…working on things, completing tasks and problem solving.   


At our Shed we provide a variety of opportunities to do just that. 

We have woodworking and metalworking facilities as well as a vegetable garden. 


It is also a fact that men suffer more from loneliness and depression…often undiagnosed or ignored. 


This can be from the loss of a loved one, retrenchment, retirement, turmoil following a relationship breakdown, lack of purpose, physical or mental illness.


At Men's Sheds we constantly work at creating a space to enhance wellbeing which is the result of many factors including being active, contributing to the community and connecting with your Shed friends.


Our shed like all good Men’s Shed has a coordinator who has both the technical and social skills to develop a safe and happy environment where men are welcome to work a project of their choice in their own time, work on community projects  where the only ‘must’ is to observe safe working practices.  Importantly there is no pressure.  You can just come in and have a chat if that is all you are looking for.  

The Men’s Shed movement has proven to be one of the most powerful tools we have in helping men enhance their wellbeing, build new friendships and be seen as valuable members of our community.

Come and see for yourself.  Contact us for a tour or just drop in for a cuppa.

Short video introduction to Mens' Sheds in Australia

Peter Greenacre (L) and Barry Bevan in deep discussion.

How we run

The shed is run by a committee which is elected by the members of the shed at the Annual AGM.   We have a constitution that sets out the governance of our shed together with documented  aims, policies and procedures.  

The shed is funded by generous donations, the support of our sponsors in particular the South Port Uniting Church and the work of members completing paid projects or "manning" BBQs and other stalls.    Any monies we make after shed expenses is saved or put back into the shed to enhance the safety and experience of our amazing shed members.  

Each opening time at the shed has two supervisors who are knowledgeable and willing to assist any member with their project.   All our supervisors are trained first-aiders. 

Interested in sponsorship?  Please complete the contact form.  

Meet the Committee

Meet the Supervisors

Supervisors play a vital role in ensuring the Shed is run safely and members are supported in their endeavours.   Each supervisor has a first aid qualification, experience with the equipment and we always have two supervisors on hand. 

Our Aims

1. To provide a service for men who are seeking hands-on experience in making or mending artefacts.

2. To provide a pleasant venue and equipment for the use of members undertaking workshop activities.

3. To encourage and promote social interaction amongst members.

4. To support men’s health by arranging activities that provides opportunities for learning.

5. To encourage members to share their own skills and knowledge.

6. To cooperate with other community groups and provide opportunities for workshop and social activities for members of such groups.

7. To be a not for profit and a non-sectarian organisation.

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