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Every Bloke
Needs A Shed

L to R: Michael Zeeng, Peter King, Peter Greenacre, Stuart Bain and Bob Small enjoying time at the shed. 


Cathy Maguire very focused to cut with safety and precision.


About our Shed

Men’s Sheds are a modern and expanded version of the shed in the backyard that has long been a part of Australian culture.  Our shed is such and a welcoming place for men to come together.  Good health is based on many factors including feeling good about yourself, being active and productive whilst being part of your community. Joining of our Shed provides a safe and busy environment where you can meet new people whilst enjoying an active and meaningful activity.

Bob Adams and Roger Joyce working on community projects.
Austin Tang working the thicknesser under the watchful eye of Peter Greenacre

Our Projects
Learn and Create

Over the years our members have designed and completed their own projects (big and small) at the shed.  They have also built some wonderful projects for the local community.  No matter what skills level our members have, there is always someone there to assist to complete the project or share your own skills and experience.   

Our Facilities 

Given we are an inner city shed we are indeed proud to be able to offer our members a choice !   We have three spaces you can work in: a woodworking shed, metalworking shed or garden.  You decide which area you are interested in working on your own or with a project team to learn and create.  

Steve Boyall operating the table saw with Mark Galer and Roger Joyce under the pergola 
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